***On September 5th we will be going to 2 Services: 9am / 11am. Website hours reflect NEW SERVICE TIMES. August 22nd & 29th service times: 8:30am / 10am / 11:30am***

Belonging is: Serving with Purpose

At Christ Community we believe that a great way to begin your journey of belonging is through serving.
Serving is a vital part of our church.
We believe that God has given each of us gifts, talents, and a purpose.
Serving is how we give back to God, and to His people, some of what He has given to us.
Let's begin a conversation today of how you can serve with purpose.

Serving Opportunities

Current Youth
Our youth, grades 6-12, meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm. Would you be interested in mentoring a group of teenage guys or girls who are craving your leadership?  Shout out!
Facilities Ministry
This team works on everything around our campus: from repairs to landscaping to janitorial work to event setup and tear down. Love big biceps?  Join us!
Oasis Kids
Do you love the little ones?  Want to help them grow to love Jesus and be like Jesus?
Click here to go to our Oasis page, or fill out the form below to serve the children.
Front Line Ministries
We call this Front Line because these people are the first to meet and greet attendees and visitors.  Team members work mostly on Sundays - greeting, welcoming, ushering, and setting up services. Do you love to meet new people?  This is for you!
Tech Arts
Our Tech Team is our fastest growing group. As our online ministry grows, we need people to help with sound, lyrics, lights, cameras, and streaming. Click here to go to our page, or fill out the form below to intro-tech yourself! Previous experience is NOT required.
The worship team leads the way in ushering us into the presence of the Almighty God.  We need vocalists as well as instrumentalists.  Click here to go to our page, or fill out the form below to come, sing along!
Our Outreach ministry covers a-lot of areas. From caring for the homeless, evangelizing, serving our local soup kitchen, to outreach events on and off our campus. If you love serving others, this is the place for you. 

Serve with purpose

No matter what your gifts are, there is a place for you to serve. Click the link below to start a conversation on where and how you can give back to God by serving His people.