***On September 5th we will be going to 2 Services: 9am / 11am. Website hours reflect NEW SERVICE TIMES. August 22nd & 29th service times: 8:30am / 10am / 11:30am***

First Time?
We can't wait to meet you!

Sunday Service Times: 9am / 11am

We Are

Christ Community is located at
2960 N Scenic Dr Alamogordo NM 88310.
Our Main entrance is clearly marked with flags and smiling faces!

To Go

Our Sunday services are held in our main sanctuary. The main sanctuary is located through the black glass doors. Just head towards the middle and you will find our smiling greeters ready to welcome you. 


When you enter our foyer, to your right, you will see our Welcome Center. If you need anything, make sure to stop by the counter and talk with one of our friendly staff members.


Childcare is available during all services for ages 0-11 

Oasis Kids service times:
- 0-1 (Nursery) : 9am / 11am
- 2-3 year olds : 9am / 11am
- 4-6 year olds : 9am / 11am
- 7-11 year olds : 9am / 11am 
Our Oasis kids ministry is here for you. We want you to be able to encounter the Lord with peace of mind knowing your kids are being cared for and are learning about Jesus.

The kids wing is located on the west side of our campus (left side as you face the building). Look for the green wall. Once you enter the kids wing area, you will find teachers wearing aprons that will help you get checked in. 
All kids are required to be checked-in and checked-out by an adult. Check-in is quick and easy. The first time can take a few minutes, so plan to get there early. Or you can preregister your kids, which will speed up check-in your first time.

About our Services


Our worship style is a modern contemporary mix of slow, fast, somber, and uplifting worship music. If you listen to christian music, you probably know many of the songs. Occasionally we even throw in a popular hymn. 


Our messages are fun, engaging, and applicable, but most of all biblical. We preach the truth of Jesus every week. You will leave inspired and full of hope. 


We believe that God wants us to give back to God a tenth (tithe) of what our Heavenly Father has given us.  So giving is a fundamental part of our community. But we will never pressure you into giving. You can give on our app, through our website, or in the offering boxes located throughout the campus. 


We love worshiping Jesus! But we know not everyone likes loud music, moving lights, or lots of production.  We are very purposeful with the way we use technology. We believe that production is to enhance the message of Jesus, not take away from it. That's our goal.

Things to do Prior to coming

1. Download our app

Our app is a great resource for everything Christ Community. On the app you will find teaching notes for the sermon, an online Bible (with a reading plan), a link to give, upcoming events lists, and places to sign up to get baptized or serve. 

Get The App

Stay connected and get the latest content.

Download The App

2. Invite friends or family

We know coming to a new church can be intimidating. So why not make it easier by being with people you know! Invite your friends and family so that they can experience Jesus too! But don't worry, if you don't have anyone to invite, we would love to make friends with you. 

3. Preregister your kids

Preregistering your kids will make Sunday morning a breeze. This will save you time, which means you wont have to miss any portion of our service. Plus your kids will have more time to make friends! It's a win-win situation! If you completed this step, there's no need to move onto step #4. (:

4. Let us know you're Coming

If this is your first time, we are so excited! We know you will love it. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.