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Afghan Refugee support

Christ Community is proud to partner with Love, INC and Save Our Allies to bring support to the Afghan refugees that are seeking a better life. There are multiple ways that you can help, such as: donating supplies, volunteering time, and praying. Below are the specifics of how you can lend a hand.

Excerpt from Save Our Allies: A needs list for Holloman is somewhat unique as Holloman is preparing to become an enduring site along with McCoy and Bliss. We have already started our "revolving door" process and have sent over 1000 Afghanis to their new homes. Inbound flights to Holloman are weekly, if not daily, which means that a one-time purchase order is most likely not going to solve our needs here.

How to help

Needs List: 
1) Mens underwear (S/M) with some L sizes.
Above Large sizes are not needed in any clothing item.
2) Close-toed shoes. All sizes! Both genders! Men's sizes mainly 8-11 and women's sizes 6- 9.
3) Winter clothes or cold-weather clothes such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets.
4) Women's modest dresses (XS/S/M) & some L.
5) Belts - mainly mens.
6) Scarves/Hijabs
7) Luggage - any and all luggage which will hold all of their belongings as they move from our base into their new forever homes.
8) School supplies - notebooks, colored pencils, markers, crayons...any school supplies
9) Strollers - do not have to be new, just not broken please.
10) Compression socks (for diabetics)
11) Glucose monitors
12) Bedside commodes
None of the items, aside from men's underwear need to be new. We do request all items sent to be in usable condition with plenty of life left.

These items can be dropped off at:
Love Inc.
2826 Indian Wells
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Volunteer Needs:
1) Financial assistance (DFAC/Per diem): Our volunteers continue to exceed expectations, showing up every day with great attitudes and belief in our mission. They are volunteers and are currently asked to provide their own meals. This added expense makes for a higher turnover rate among the volunteers.  DFAC (base cafeteria) is the cheapest route at $18/person/day.
2) Housing Needs - Housing in/around Holloman is extremely tight. Save Our Allies' budget is tight due to the extent of the mission and being a brand new nonprofit. With winter coming, Cloudcroft, which has been the only consistent location we have found housing for our volunteers, will no longer be an option due to the added issue of snow/ice.
3) Volunteers! - Anyone wanting to donate their own time, please register at saveourallies.org and let Brittany Johnson know immediately. This way she can start processing your information for access back to the Afghani village on Holloman. There is a tremendous administrative burden to get base access for people, so volunteers are requested to pledge a minimum of 5 hours/day.
This list is subject to change as the environment is fluid. Save Our Allies will do their best to make sure the list as up to date as possible.
Thank you for all of your support and efforts. This is truly a community effort and everyone on Holloman really appreciates any help and volunteer time you can provide.

Points of Contact

Save Our Allies:
Brittany Johnson
406-559-6367 /

Love Inc:
Susan Payne

Christ Community Church:
Pastor Tyler Grace

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